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Free Wi-Fi For American Express Card Holders

American Express card holders have many travel perks. One that benefits those of us with many Internet devices is free Wi-Fi through Boingo.

Boingo provides over 1 million Wi-Fi hotspots in North America, Europe, and, Asia. It is a subscription service, but those with AMEX cards can get free access. The AMEX plan allows for unlimited access worldwide for up to 4 devices. That is equivalent to their $40/month global plan.

To gain access you need to first visit the American Express/Boingo site and verify your card is eligible. Once confirmed you’ll create a Boingo account and link it to your AMEX card.

Next you’ll want to download one of Boingo’s Wi-Finder apps. Use the apps to check for and connect to nearby Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots. You can also search where you’ll be traveling to see if there are any hotspots available.

Once you’re all setup log into your account on Boingo’s web site, go to My Account, and click on Manage Devices. Add the MAC address of up to four devices and you won’t need to login for access. This is especially useful for gaming devices.