Philadelphia Marathon Course Map 2017

Getting To the Pennsylvania Convention Center & PAX Unplugged

There are several options for commuting to the Pennsylvania Convention Center. What will work best for you will depend on where you’re staying and what days you’re going.


If you’re driving then parking is going to be your biggest hurtle. Here is a list several parking lots and garages in the Convention Center District.

Plan to arrive early in the morning and to pay the daily rate, which is higher over the weekend.

SEPTA – Public Transportation for Philadelphia

For those staying in Philadelphia consider using SEPTA to get around. There are stops a few minutes walk from the convention center. You can find a stop near you several ways:

  • Check their system map
  • Use Google Maps and select Transit when getting directions
  • Call your hotel and ask

To get to the Pennsylvania Convention Center take one of these routes:

  • Blue Line to Jefferson Station, 4 minute walk to convention center
  • Orange Line to Chinatown Station, 8 minute walk to convention center
  • Orange Line to Race-Vine Station, 7 minute walk to convention center

If your near one of the other lines you can take them to either Blue or Orange, then transfer trains.

It’ll cost you $2.25 per trip. Round trips for four people will be cheaper than parking, not to mentioned less stress.

PATCO – Rapid Transit for Philadelphia and Camden County, NJ

If you’re staying in New Jersey then consider taking PATCO instead of driving into the city. You’ll still need a car to get  to a nearby station, but you won’t have the hassles of city traffic and parking.

In the mornings head west and get off at the 8th & Market Street Station, an 11 minute walk to convention center. In the evening head east back to your station.

Trips run $1.00-3.50 each way, depending on how far out you are. Again, likely cheaper than parking even with several people in your party.

Rideshare – Uber, Lyft, Taxi, etc

Both Uber and Lyft operate in Philadelphia, as well as traditional taxi cabs. You can get fare estimates at RideGuru.

Philadelphia Marathon Course Map 2017

If you still want to try driving on Sunday check out the marathon course map to figure out your route in advance.

Keep in mind rideshares will have the same issues with traffic as driving, but you do save on the hassle of parking. Expect them to be busy (and more expensive) when the convention lets out in the evening.

Sunday – Philadelphia Marathon

On Sunday at 7:00 AM the Philadelphia marathon kicks off, causing some street closures. Avoid driving or rideshare that day and to make use of the public transit options available.