PAX South Expo Hall Map 2018

PAX South 2018 Enhanced Exhibitors List

The Enhanced Exhibitors List gives you more details on exhibitors to better plan your weekend at PAX. Browse by category and find links and booth numbers for each exhibitor.
If you know the link to any missing exhibitors, or want to suggest a different category for an exhibitor, feel free to use the contact form on the Contact Me page.

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Schools and educational programs with game industry related offerings.

Art Institute of San Antonio
Booth 10055

Booth 10047

DigiPen Institute of Technology
Booth 11004

Louisiana State University
Booth 10059

Southern Methodist University
Booth 10424

TEALS (Microsoft)
Booth 10619


Makers of gaming hardware and accessories.

Booth 10071

Booth 10494

Booth 10683

Artisan Dice
Booth 10027

Astro Gaming
Booth 11064

Carolina Game Tables
Booth 10453

Controller Chaos
Booth 10428

Cougar Gaming
Booth 11235

Gunnar Optiks
Booth 10234

HyperX (Kingston Technology)
Booth 11046

Booth 10413

Booth 10460

Booth 11265

Pixel Pals
Booth 10410

Booth 10623

Trigger Devils
Booth 10406

Booth 10095

Windy Games
Booth 10416


Content creators, from comics to video.

Cyanide & Happiness
Booth 10441

Booth 10625

Booth 11205

Table Titans
Booth 10436

The Awkward Yeti
Booth 10630

The New 8-Bit Heroes
Booth 10816


Vendors, resellers, and stores.

Albino Dragon
Booth 11204

Booth 10089

Dial Up Games
Booth 10049

Booth 10470

Filthy Casual
Booth 11211

Foam Brain Games
Booth 10455

For Fans By Fans
Booth 11022

Game Over Videogames
Booth 10011

Gaming Outfitters
Booth 10641

Booth 10635

Level Up Studios
Booth 11229

Mayday Games
Booth 11247

Meta Threads
Booth 10695

Otaku Cafe
Booth 11010

PAX Merch Booth
Booth 11854
This is NOT PAX Merch Lite, which is outside the Expo Hall and sells the limited edition PAX items.

Plyngo aka Glitch Gaming Apparel
Booth 10407

PolyHero Dice– Merch
Booth 10065

PulsArt Studio– Merch
Booth 10015

Red Box Games– Merch
Booth 11223

Booth 10418

Thompson Productions
Booth 10085

Booth 10013

Volante Design
Booth 11209


Everyone else.

Booth 10097

5-Hour Sample
Booth 10227

Child’s Play
Booth 11696

Counter Logic Gaming
Booth 10270

Booth 11255

Booth 10009

Booth 11088

Booth 10430

Martyr Games
Booth 11208

Play To Beat Brain Cancer
Booth 10417

Booth 10440

Booth 10005

Twang Motel
Booth 10260

US Air Force
Booth 11889

Victrix Gaming
Booth 10411

Professional Solutions

Products and services for industry professionals, including video streamers.

Advans Doo
Booth 10657

Alliance Digital Media
Booth 10412

BKOM Studios
Booth 10817

Booth 10657

Elgato Streaming Pods(Level 2 Landing)
Booth 10050

Louisiana Technology Park
Booth 10629

Radiance Studios
Booth 10818

Screenwave Media
Booth 11446

Booth 10077

Versus Evil
Booth 10476

We Are Nations
Booth 10609

Ysbryd Games
Booth 11016

Tabletop Games

Tabletop, card, and role playing game developers, publishers, and distributors.

11 Bit Studios
Booth 11028

8th Kid Games
Booth 10822

Battlerock Studios
Booth 10023

Breaking Games
Booth 10266

Certifiable Studios
Booth 10041

Cyanide & Happiness
Booth 10441

Fowers Games
Booth 10658

Level 99 Games
Booth 10079

Modern Knights
Booth 10033

North Star Games
Booth 10294

PAX South Indie Showcase
Booth 10647

Piper Studio
Booth 10091

PolyHero Dice
Booth 10065

Quick and Dirty Games
Booth 10083

Rock Manor Games
Booth 10284

Sirlin Games
Booth 10425

Booth 10288

SolarFlare Games
Booth 10434

Studio Woe
Booth 10454

Table Titans
Booth 10436

Tabletop Bazaar
Booth 10264

Versus Evil
Booth 10476

Vile Genius Games
Booth 11249

Warcradle Studios
Booth 11217

Zafty Games
Booth 10246

Video Games

Video game developers, publishers, and distributors.

11 Bit Studios
Booth 11028

1C Publishing EU
Booth 10605

Angry Skull Studios
Booth 10211

Annapurna Games
Booth 11040, 11241

Ask An Enemy Studios
Booth 10253

Battlerock Studios
Booth 10023

Berzerk Studio
Booth 10259

Bishop Games
Booth 10261

Blue Mammoth
Booth 10496

Booth 10255

Bowlcut Studios
Booth 11023

Booth 10657

C63 Industries
Booth 10249

Capcom USA
Booth 11864

Chainsawesome Games
Booth 10240

Coven Games
Booth 10657

Crytivo Games
Booth 10447

Desert Owl Games
Booth 10435

Devolver Digital
Booth 11060

Digital Dominion
Booth 10657

Dire Wolf Digital
Booth 11054

Booth 10061

EQ Studios
Booth 10628

Booth 10805

Booth 10834

Flight School Studio
Booth 10205

Freezing Raccoon
Booth 10423

Frostkeep Studios
Booth 10465

Booth 10214

Good Shepherd
Booth 10488

Goon Studios
Booth 10824

Headup Games
Booth 10422

Hebi Studios
Booth 10662

House Pixel
Booth 10819

Kitfox Games
Booth 10220

Knight Shift Games
Booth 10657

Booth 11210

Larian Studios
Booth 11034

Leap Doctor Games
Booth 10657

Limited Run Games
Booth 10029

Lost Marble Games
Booth 10657

Mega Cat Studios
Booth 10210

Booth 11265

New Blood Interactive
Booth 10232

PAX Rising
Booth 10657
A space dedicated to the rise of independent game developers.

PHL Collective
Booth 10242

Phoenix Labs
Booth 11076

Pressure Spike
Booth 10053

RillyBoss Studios
Booth 10443

Salad Hunters
Booth 10657

Scavengers Studio
Booth 10282

Secret Cow Level
Booth 10228

Sheldrybox Studios
Booth 10035

Sirlin Games
Booth 10425

Solar Purge
Booth 10223

Spacewave Software
Booth 10657

Spearhead Games
Booth 10458

Studio Evil
Booth 10657

Studio Wumpus
Booth 10657

Super Duper Game Company
Booth 10229

Sweet Bandits Studios
Booth 10442

Booth 10657

Three Flip Studios
Booth 10657

Booth 10669

Booth 10657

Underbite Games
Booth 11008

Unnamed Method
Booth 10452

Booth 10836

We Are Fuzzy
Booth 10617

Worldwalker Games
Booth 10043

Zillion Whales
Booth 10021


Virtual reality and augmented reality game developers, publishers, and distributors.

Battlerock Studios
Booth 10023

Digital Precept
Booth 10252

Flight School Studio
Booth 10205

Booth 10258

Booth 11265

Tabletop Hall

These exhibitors are located in the Tabletop area of PAX South, which is open until midnight.

Not to be confused with the Tabletop Games list, which are tabletop exhibitors in the Expo Hall.



Cascade Games

Fantasy Flight Games

Fate of the Norns

Foam Brain Games

Gamer Mats

Golden Bell Studios

Greater Than Games

Indie Boards and Cards

Japanime Games

Jason Anarchy Games

Level Up Dice


Lone Shark Games

Metallic Dice Games

Mind Bottling Games


Reaper Miniatures – Miniatures painting area

Roxley Games

SFR (Dragon Dice)

Slam Games – Board Game Publisher

Steve Jackson Games

Swordfish Islands

Tasty Minstrel Games


Wyrmwood Gaming

Yanaguana Games