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Travel Tips from the CEO of Marriott

I recently listened to an interview with Arne Sorenson, CEO of Marriott International. During the interview Mr. Sorenson said he travels over 200 days a year. He was then asked what were his top travel tips. I wanted to share them with you, to use on your next long distance convention trip (or any future travel).

“Always be on local time”

As soon as Mr. Sorenson lands he makes sure his phone is set to the local time. He then maintains his schedule based on local time.

When flying east, such as from the USA to Europe, he sleeps on the plane, then hits the ground running.

When flying west, such as from the USA to Asia, he stays awake on the plane (which can be up to 14 hours, so come prepared). After landing he exercises and then goes to bed, waiting for the next day to start work.

“Always get natural light”

Getting outside of the hotel, board room, or convention center is important. Our bodies set their own clocks based on sunlight, so the further you are from home spend more time outside.

“Always exercise”

A regular exercise schedule also helps to regulate your body’s internal clock. A brisk walk or jog will help you get to sleep, which is critical your first night in a new time zone.

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