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Twitter & Twitch At PAX

PAX East is coming up soon. For those going, follow these Twitter accounts to stay up-to-date on changes and lines. For those not going, check out Twitch during or after the weekend. They’ll have video from the two largest theaters and pro tournaments.


While at PAX make use of Twitter for keeping up-to-date on announcements and changes. You can access them via the PAX App or use Twitter’s own app.

@Official_PAX – Official updates on PAX, as well as a few sponsored tweets.

@PAX_lines – Official updates on how full popular lines are getting. Check if you aren’t sure how early you need to queue up for your must see event or panel.

@paxparties – An unofficial PAX Twitter account. They let you know about the various public parties going on during PAX.


If you can’t be at PAX you can still catch a lot of the action via their Twitch streams.

Twitch @ PAX – Covers all events in the Main Theater, from Keynote to Make A Strip to the evening concerts.

Twitch @ PAX2 – Covers all events in the largest panel room at PAX.

  • PAX South – Falcone Theater
  • PAX East – Albatross Theater
  • PAX West – Hydra Theater
  • PAX Unplugged – Dragon Theater

Twitch @ PAX Arena – Watch the professional video game tournaments hosted at PAX.

Watch After PAX

Twitch keeps videos from each of the streams. You can check out a particular event long after the weekend. This is a great tool for those attending PAX to use when planning their schedule. You have the option of skipping an event in a covered theater and watching it later at home.

Go to the stream you want to watch from and click on the Videos tab at the top. Videos are in descending chronological order.